The most important message Ross Bible Church shares is how every person can have a personal relationship with God and receive forgiveness. When God created the universe, He made one very special creature. He created mankind in His very image. This means that we are like nothing else God created in the whole universe. We are unique and valuable to God. He gave us a soul. Our soul is who we are. It is all our passions, our creativity, our intellect, our will and emotions. It was created to last forever. Our soul was also created to have a relationship with God. When we experience a deep relationship with God it brings meaning to our lives, but…there is a problem. God is perfect and we are not. We do bad things all the time. The Bible calls all wrong doing sin. The Bible tells us in Romans 3:23 that every one is guilty of sin. God is so perfect that He cannot even be near sin. Our sin earns punishment. Romans 6:23 tells us the punishment for our sin is separation from God. Because our souls last forever, we must be separated from God forever. This is eternal death, but…there is good news!



God loves us and wants us to be with Him. He sent someone to take the punishment for us. He sent Jesus. Jesus was God in the form of a man. Only God Himself was perfect enough to take our punishment. Jesus was nailed to a cross and suffered a horrible death. He did that to take our punishment. He became our substitute. Romans 10:9-10 says that any person who believes that Jesus is God, believes that He rose from the dead and asks God to forgive their sins will be saved from the punishment we deserve.


To accept this gift from God all you have to do is talk to Him and tell Him you believe that Jesus is God. Tell Him you are sorry for the things you have done that are wrong. Ask God to make Jesus your substitute. When you are forgiven, sin no longer stands between you and God. You can have the relationship you were created to enjoy. Jesus’ sacrifice makes it possible for us to become close to God and experience the meaning of life. If you asked God to forgive you and have accepted Jesus as your substitute, please email us at  We would like to help you understand God better.